Sr# Month Training Programm Duration Presenter Status
1 September, 2001 Innovation in higher education management through quality and productivity management cell is University 35 Minutes Mr, Farruk Idrees, Manager QEC, Islamabad Campus Confirmed
2 October, 2016 Communication strategy management for effective working of QECs. 35 minutes Mr. Hadi Iqtadar, Dy Manager QEC, Lahore Campus Confirmed
3 October, 2014 Data Analysis in QEC Reports (Factor Analysis technique will be discussed) 1 Hr Ms Saima Wazir, Dy Manager QEC, Peshaar Campus To be announced
4 November, 2014 Role of Quality Enhancement Cell in promoting Outcome Based Education 2 Hrs Air Commodore Abdul Wahab, Advisor Quality, Air University, Islamabad To be announced