Mission Statement


Sohail University strives to become a leading university through commitment to innovative teaching and learning, creation of new knowledge through transformative research, and promoting values of learning, leadership and service.


  1. To establish centers of excellence in emerging areas of science, engineering, technology, management and allied areas.
  2. To achieve excellence in teaching, learning and research through continuous quality improvement at par with the international standards.
  3. To foster environment of student-centered learning, mutual respect, integrity, honesty and ethical behavior.


  1. To emphasize a student-centered approach to teaching and learning.
  2. To continue improvement in quality of teaching and research through revision of curriculums, review of assessment methodology of students’ performance, faculty development and provision of adequate resources to support the aforesaid endeavors.
  3. To promote a sense of belonging that results in lifelong associations with the University.
  4. To encourage an atmosphere of diversity and to protect free exchange of ideas.
  5. To recruit and retain a diverse and highly qualified faculty and staff committed to excellence in all University pursuits.
  6. Phase wise addition of new faculties in addition to existing faculties of medicine, dentistry and nursing.
  7. To initiate post graduate programs in basic, applied and social sciences
  8. Expansion of existing infrastructure to make provision for new academic programs.
  9. To conduct University affairs in a manner that is transparent, deliberative, and ethical.
  10. To foster and strengthen effective partnerships with educational, governmental, business, charitable and civic organizations.